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MPCHS Phase II Islamabad


Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, is known for its serene beauty, lush green surroundings, and a high standard of living. Suppose you are considering investing in real estate or looking for a place to settle down in this vibrant city. In that case, you may have heard of the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) Phase II. In this blog, we will explore the key features, location, and amenities of MPCHS Phase II Society in Islamabad, helping you make an informed decision.



MPCHS Phase II is strategically located in Islamabad, offering its residents the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. It is situated in the vicinity of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Housing Society, making it easily accessible from both the Islamabad Expressway and the Peshawar Road.


Key Features

Following are the key features:

Gated Community

MPCHS Phase II is a secure gated community, ensuring the safety and privacy of its residents. The society employs modern security measures to create a safe living environment.

Lush Greenery

The society is known for its beautiful landscaping and lush green surroundings, which contribute to a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Parks, gardens, and tree-lined streets add to the aesthetic appeal.

Modern Infrastructure

The infrastructure in MPCHS Phase II is well-developed, with paved roads, efficient drainage systems, and underground utilities. This contributes to a high quality of living.

Housing Options

The society offers a variety of housing options, including residential plots, houses, and apartments. Whether you’re looking to build your dream home or invest in property, MPCHS Phase II has options to suit your needs.

Educational Facilities

For families with children, the society is home to renowned educational institutions, ensuring quality education is never too far away.


MPCHS Phase II is designed to cater to the diverse needs of its residents. Here are some of the amenities available within the society:

  • Masjid: The society boasts a central mosque, providing a place for residents to pray and come together for religious gatherings.
  • Commercial Areas: Convenient commercial areas offer grocery stores, pharmacies, and a variety of shops, making daily shopping and errands hassle-free.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Medical facilities and clinics are available within the society, ensuring quick access to healthcare services when needed.
  • Recreational Facilities: Parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities are spread throughout the society, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Community Center: MPCHS Phase II has a community center that hosts various events and gatherings, fostering a sense of community among the residents.

Investment Potential

Investing in MPCHS Phase II can be a wise decision due to its location and growing popularity. The real estate market in Islamabad has seen steady growth over the years, making it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity. Additionally, the society’s commitment to modern infrastructure and facilities enhances its appeal for both investors and residents.



MPCHS Phase II Society in Islamabad is a well-planned, secure, and thriving community that offers a high standard of living. With its strategic location, modern amenities, and investment potential, it presents a compelling choice for those looking to make Islamabad their home or capitalize on real estate opportunities. If you value a peaceful, green, and secure environment, MPCHS Phase II should be on your list of considerations. For more Detail and Free Information Contact Us Now! or visit our Facebook page


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